Corona Virus- Stay in contact. Catholic Diocesan Newspapers

Dear Father,

Due to the Coronavirus, we have put as many UK Catholic Diocesan newspapers on one website ( so parishioners can stay in contact with their Church and their community.

Please can you promote this – by emailing parishioners, adding a link on your website or by mentioning it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else – so we help people who feel isolated and share some hope in our communities.

The website,, contains over 600 editions of the following newspapers:
- A&B News
- Cardiff People
- Catholic East Anglia (East Anglia Diocese)
- Catholic South West
- Catholic Pic (Archdiocese of Liverpool)
- Hallam News
- Lancaster Voice
- Middlesbrough Voice
- Nottingham Catholic News
- The Pilgrim (Archdiocese of Southwark)
- The Vine (Northampton Diocese)
- UCM News (Union of Catholic Mothers)
- Reach – Catholic Schools Paper

With more papers expected to follow next week. Please help us promote our papers while Masses are suspended.


All the very best,

Nick Layton

Phone: 01440 730399

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